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Stranger in a wasteland

I like observing how life experiences shape people. I relish deep thought and conversation about our struggles, longings, wonders and passions.

There is a song by Needtobreathe called Wasteland. The chorus goes like this:

In this wasteland where I’m livin’ there is a crack in the door filled with light and it’s all that I need to get by.

Wasteland as a word should be familiar to all of us. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as a place that is barren or uncultivated but it can also mean something that is emotionally or spiritually arid or unsatisfying. This can refer to a place, a thing or life in general.

As a Christian- I seek the eternal remedy for our shortcomings and failures. A remedy that I believe is Jesus Christ. He, being fully human and fully God, went through life with all of it’s wastelands and fertile fields so that He could be the hope the fills the void.

As a Writer- I read and write works that explore character and personal growth. Two of my favorite genres are literary fiction and historical fiction. I enjoy non-fiction as well.

As a Southerner- I am proud to be involved in a unique culture in the United States of America. One that places great value on faith, family and history. I enjoy hearing and reading stories of how people are creative with their resources in the face of hardship and struggle and how they use the arts to express their lives and experiences.

I believe that God gave us all imagination, gifts and talents and we are to use them to make a positive impact in the lives of others. That can only be done if we know who God is and who He intended us to be.

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